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Physician Benefits

Benefits of the NMC-MD patient portal include:


  • Meet patient-centered meaningful use criteria associated with ARRA legislation. Current criteria mandate that by 2011, qualifying physicians must:

- Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information

- Provide patients with timely electronic access to their health information

Send reminders to patients per patient preference for preventive/follow up care

- Provide clinical summaries for patients for each encounter

  • Improve administrative efficiency and staff productivity by:

- Collecting demographic, insurance, clinical and other important patient information prior to an appointment

- Reducing phone call volume

- Streamlining the check-in process

  • Improve communication and coordination of care, while reducing the potential for medical errors.
  • Integrate patient-information into existing workflow. Patient data can be transmitted in a secure electronic format, and can even populate your practice-specific forms. You receive information that is more legible, accurate and complete than the same data collected on paper forms in the waiting room.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and build brand loyalty. As more patients move to the internet for managing family health and wellness, your practice can provide online options for sharing information and conducting business.
  • Once your patients create an account on your portal, they can:

- Compile, manage and share their health information. From a branded version of NoMoreClipboard, patients can send their PHR to your office, or to      virtually any physician in the United States. Patients can also grant you electronic access to their PHR. This PHR is integrated with consumer health platforms from Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, and is currently used by hospitals and health systems, Fortune 500 employers, universities and CMS.

- Complete and send a dated and time-stamped review of systems.

- Request an appointment.

- Request a medication refill.

- Securely send a billing or clinical question to your practice.

  • You can also upgrade your portal to include additional functionality:

- Secure E-visit module with integrated subjective medical history.

- Online bill payment.


"I know that as we look ahead to meaningful use stage 2, many in the provider community are concerned that the requirement to get five percent of your patients to use electronic engagement tools is unrealistic. Our experience indicates otherwise. We are seeing patients participate in electronic exchange and use these tools. They are more engaged, more likely to adhere to prescribed therapies and treatment plans, and more likely to enjoy improved outcomes and quality of life."

Dr. Michael Mirro
Parkview Physicians Group Cardiology